Thursday, 15 March 2012

Software Testing Certificates - Do you really need them?

Some information from "the" Michael Bolton:

The limitations of testing certifications, courses, and standards based on "naming" instead of "knowing":

If you are thinking of the ISTQB/ISEB Foundation course, consider this: Black Box Software Testing course -

Certification does not prove you can test; it just proves you are capable of learning sufficiently to pass an exam.  Any employee might be told to go on a course to learn some stuff but the key to gaining information is applying it.  You need to know that testing is something you do and you need to experience it to really understand it.  Anyone can pass an exam but not everyone can do testing well.  You don't need a certificate to be a tester and certification wont make you into a good tester either.  What you need to understand is that testers, or checkers, continuously have to learn in order to be effective as a tester.  You need to understand what techniques are available and select the ones that are useful to you in the environment you are testing in.

Certification will show to employers that you have some knowledge in testing, that could be useful to them, that shows you have taken some interest in testing at some point in your life.  It is a stepping stone into testing.  But there are other ways to cross a stream!  Try hand gliding across a stream - a lot more fun and you can see a bigger picture from above.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What Law Of Attraction?

Think and Grow Rich.... blar blar blar!!

Why The Law of Attraction Does Not Work:

"The secret" does not work:

Does it work?


I got my account today on UNTHINK. Looks ok. I need to spend more time on it and post out a review.

Here is an article from Forbes:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Enterprise is Hope for Growth

David Cameron said "enterprise is only hope for growth" (6 March 2011):

With no money left in the government coffers, the "only strategy" for growth is to get behind Britain's entrepreneurs, David Cameron said.

In a speech to his party's spring conference, the PM declared war on the "enemies of enterprise" - and said he was on the side of "go-getters":

Now in just over two weeks' time, George Osborne will present his Budget for Growth.

That's why today I want to focus on another value that runs deep, really deep in this party.

It's about the hunger to get on in life.

The spark of initiative.

The courage to make your dream happen.

The hard work to see it through.

I'm talking about enterprise.

Enterprise is vital for our economy - we all know that.

In this country we have got to to undertake a fundamental rebalancing of our economy.

Less debt, more saving. Less borrowing, more investment. Less dependence on financial services, more new industries, exports and trade.

But for we Conservatives, enterprise is about more than money, more than the economics of growth and GDP.

We understand that enterprise is not just about markets...'s also about morals.

We understand that enterprise is not just an economic good, it's a social good too.

We understand this because we understand what it's like... a way that our opponents simply don't.

Look - I know - all political parties have their fair share of lawyers, lecturers and advisers. I should know

...and a lot of them work very hard.

But I think one of the great things about our party - the Conservative Party - is that at our roots we are the party of builders and businesswomen; electricians and engineers; roofers and retailers.

At its beating heart this is still a party of start-ups, go-getters, risk-takers.

What drives us is getting things done - and what drives us mad is the bureaucracy, the forms, the nonsense that get in our way.

We're the party of practical men and women, people with a passion and a mission to build a business and see it grow...

...not just for the money, not for the glory but for the simple reward and deep satisfaction of seeing your efforts pay off.

We are the party of enterprise.

And let me tell you - right now, right here today in Britain 2011, we have got the most almighty job to do.

Because for over a decade in this country the enemies of enterprise have had their way.

Taxing. Regulating. Smothering. Crushing. Getting in the way.

There is no shortage of enterprise in this country.

You see it in the 30,000-plus new firms that were started in January this year alone.

I see it in the ideas and the energy of all the entrepreneurs I meet...

...I get to meet some extraordinary people in this job. British people selling curries to India and fashion to France.

The enterprise culture is alive and well in this country... we just need an enterprise government to go with it.

So I can announce today that we are taking on the enemies of enterprise.

The bureaucrats in government departments who concoct those ridiculous rules and regulations that make life impossible, particularly for small firms.

The town hall officials who take forever with those planning decisions that can be make or break for a business - and the investment and jobs that go with it.

The public sector procurement managers who think that the answer to everything is a big contract with a big business and who shut out millions of Britain's small and medium sized companies from a massive potential market.

So you want to know my strategy for growth?

When people say 'spend lots more money' I say forget it - Labour spent it all.

There's only one strategy for growth we can have now...

...and that is rolling up our sleeves and doing everything possible to make it easier for people to start a business to grow a businesses.

Back small firms. Boost enterprise. Be on the side of everyone in this country who wants to create jobs, and wealth and opportunity.

I know there's an enterprise culture in this country.

I know that we've got the people, the ideas, the talent, the energy to make things great.

And I'm going to make sure this government does everything it takes.

So I can tell you today, the Budget in a few weeks time will tear down the barriers of enterprise and be the most pro-growth Budget this government, this country has seen for a generation.

David Cameron has introduced StartUp Britain entrepreneur scheme (28 Mar 2011)

Recession? Get over it, and start making more of new opportunities. "A good entrepreneur looks for solutions, not excuses." said Sir Richard Branson.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I care about the world around me and understand that no matter how difficult my life can get there will always someone in need of more help than myself. With that in mind I am committed to supporting one or two charities per year either through giving up my time or through donations.

This year I have given up some of my time to help the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and the RSPB. The former charity cares for people and the latter cares for the environment. It's good to care both about people and the environment that people live in. Both charities are excellent and employ passionate staff and volunteers. Having actually made time to meet people from both charities has allowed me to feel more personally involved.

If you have never worked for a charity I highly recommend it. It is very rewarding when you can see something positive happen as a result of your time and effort. There are very few things more satisfying than knowing you have really made a very valuable contribution to the world around you. Even if you do as little as make regular contributions to a charity or frequently give blood, what you are doing is still just as important as giving up all your time to help others.

I know people say charity begins at home but open your eyes and see how lucky you and your family really are. We are lucky to live in fact because the world around us has such wonderful things to offer. Just walk out your front door and consider how lucky we are in the UK to live in such a well organised society. Alive in this world is a great place to be.

If you think about stroke what do you think about? Old people? People unable to use one side of their body? People that walk with a limp and look a bit odd? People who can't talk properly? My uncle had a stroke when he was in his early 30s. Such a young man! He had his own business and supported his family financially and emotionally. He went all of a sudden from a normal man to someone who was helpless. He was lucky to have been able to recover but it took a long time and his life will still never be the same.

Stroke victims really have a battle on their hands to recover. Their world gets turned upside down and needs the loving support of health organisations and family. They need speech therapy and physiotherapy and psychiatric support to try to lead a new and normal life.

I am going to do an Abseil to raise money for Stroke. Please go to this following link if you would like to sponsor me for this event:

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Social Networking For Testers

I did a presentation at June's London Tester Gathering and the company I work for sponsored it.  I previously did the same presentation at the Leeds Tester Gathering in May.

The presentation is titled Social Networking For Testers and based on my experience of attending conferences, tester gatherings and connecting with people via social networking sites.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the slides please don't hesitate to contact me via email: testerswain(at), replacing (at) with the appropriate symbol.

I really enjoyed the experience of doing a presentation and chatting with people about it afterwards.  It's nice that some people were first timers at the gathering and much of the stuff was not known about by a third of the people there.

Attending events like the London Tester Gathering is good fun. You can make friends with like minded people and take away many ideas to help you improve your professionalism in the software testing industry.

I proposed to do another presentation based on my experience of getting a job as a software tester.  So look out for that.  I will let everyone know via twitter when I will next be doing another presentation.

Kind regards,
Chris :-)